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Adventure, learning, skill discovery, culture, and more await our visitors.

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Mobile Museum

We bring the fun on the road to schools, community events and more!

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Membership Information

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Community Impact

Children’s Museums show our youngest citizens that they are valued and important. We create a space for connection, exploration, cultural awareness, and growth. We foster positive social experiences, which overflow into everyday life and help children build strong, healthy relationships with others and with their community.

Utica Children's Museum Home New Brand


We've Got
New Look

The Museum

Visitors will be able to enter through the magnificent glass Rotunda and explore the diverse exhibits throughout the second floor! Our museum will be all-new and waiting for you in the Parkway District on the corner of Holland Ave and Memorial Parkway in Utica, NY.

Exhibits & Spaces

Exhibits & Spaces

Visit The Climber Utica Children's Museum Exhibits The Climber

The Climber

Two stories of physical challenges and safe risk taking to build confidence.

Visit The Meeting Place Meeting Place Exhibits: Open Space

The Meeting Place

Flexible common space to orient groups, hold programs, and enjoy the climber.

Visit World Market Utica Children's Museum Exhibits Seasons World Market

World Market

Experience culture, language, art, games and more in this global gallery.

Visit Build It Up Utica Children's Museum Exhibits Built it Up

Build It Up

A destination for the hands-ons maker and builder in every child.

Visit Let's Experiment Utica Children's Museum Exhibits Let's Experiment

Let's Experiment

STEAM-based challenges that focus on creativity and problem-solving skills.

Visit Seasons Utica Children's Museum Exhibits Seasons


Celebrate the weather changes we experience throughout the year.

Visit The Cove Utica Children's Museum Exhibits The Cove

The Cove

An oasis of calm to wind down and promote the importance of pausing.

Visit Multi-Purpose Rooms Utica Children's Museum Multi-Purpose Rooms

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Versatile space with overhead doors that can be used in full or divided into two rooms.



Our Vision

Utica Children's Museum Our Vision
  • Play-based fun

    What kids do best! Experience joy through play-based learning.

  • Inclusivity

    All are welcome here! Our unwavering intent is for all visitors to feel welcome through access, resources, and opportunities.

  • Exploration

    Play outside the box! Cultivate self-confidence and knowledge.

  • Innovation

    Try something new! Embrace originality and confidence for all.

  • Connection

    Love where you live! Strengthen social and emotional experiences with family and community.

  • Hands-on

    Roll up your sleeves and discover! Help children develop skills that bridge into the real world.