Celebrate the weather changes we experience throughout the year.


The Seasons area gives children and adults another way to understand and appreciate their home in the Mohawk Valley—a place in which time and the cycles of growth are so clearly displayed in the turning of the seasons. Explore our world, and build a sense of wonder about the natural world and the ways in which humans experience the seasons. Seasons includes a special place dedicated to our youngest visitors in the Toddler Forest.


  • Seasons Tree
  • Weather Command Station
  • Toddler Forest
  • Cloud Lounge
  • The Pond Area
  • Season Islands


  • Awareness of regional seasons
  • Turning of time
  • Sequences and growth


  • Active and creative play
  • Investigation through art and science
  • Engagement in STEAM concepts



  • Love of where you live
  • Curiosity
  • Awe and self-expression