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The Making of Our New Brand

Creativity and innovation in practice, right here in the Mohawk Valley.

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Our History

Six decades of play in the Mohawk Valley.

Fun Facts about the Children’s Museum


Local artists participated in the rebrand sessions


Energetic ambassadors supporting our mission


Years of play and joy in the region!


Miles of Play Traveled by Our Mobile Museum Since November 2021

Impact & Method

Why the Children's Museum is Important to Our Community

Utica Children's Museum Mobile Museum
  • Investment in Our Future

    Children who love where they live and find opportunities to help them grow and thrive are the future of our region’s success.

  • Contemporary Town Square

    Children’s Museum acts as social meeting places where parents and children can interact with others and make new friends.

  • Workforce Development

    Exhibits that reflect college and career opportunities and introduce children to areas they may become passionate about are key.

  • Destination for Families

    Families who travel and value time together will seek out cities with assets like a children’s museum, making us a place worth visiting.

  • Community Pride

    A city that can boast having a children’s museum (AND a zoo, a hockey team, and more!) can count on its citizens being ambassadors for it.

  • Contribute to Regional Tourism

    We offer a kid-friendly outlet to help increase and enhance tourism for families traveling to us for sports, events, or just for fun.

  • Year-Round Experience

    We love our four seasons, but that means we need fun, quality indoor activities for our young folks to enjoy during the colder months.

  • Contributing to Great Childhoods

    Great childhoods are those that have safe places, enriched experiences, thriving public institutions, and community support surrounding them.