How We Got Here

Our Process

  1. Item # 1

    A Call to Artists.

    Six students. Six arts professionals. One amazing Create Day where they worked together. The pros presented their personal stories and their work in graphic design, animation, illustration, arts education, and non-profit arts management. The students learned about local colleges where they can pick art majors and get them on track to a great career!

  2. Item # 2

    They Toured. They Imagined.

    The group was among the first to see the renderings of the new museum and learn about the educational, playful, cultural, and inspiring experiences that visitors will have. Through listening carefully and sketching freely, everyone started to frame what they wanted to contribute artistically to the new brand.

  3. Item # 3

    A Collective Co-Creation.

    Students worked side-by-side with two different professionals who shared their artistic area of interest. During the Create Session, they interpreted the essence, as well as literal features, of the new museum into a collection of illustrations that would be married together in a dynamic brand identity system.

  4. Item # 4

    Our New Branding.

    Our marketing team sorted through the drawings then digitized and compiled them into six interchangeable brand marks and an ever-changing brand system that is full of playfulness and joy. The identity is made to move and evolve, and will creatively morph into versions in the future that match themes, fundraisers, special programming, and more.

Meet the Creative Team

We love it when we can create opportunities that bring people together – and our new brand was no exception. Students age 14 to 18 who want to study art in college, make a career in the arts, or just always have art in their life took part. And professionals who have an affinity for working with youth and love their careers joined us as well.

View bio Audra Brannum

Audra Brannum

Age 18, Freshman at Mohawk Valley Community College, graduate of New York Mills High School

View bio Lorelei Delmedico

Lorelai DelMedico

Age 16, 11th grade, Sauquoit Valley High School

View bio Maximon Giordani

Maximón Giordani

Age 17, 12th grade at Proctor High School

View bio Robenson Jeanbaptiste

Robenson Jeanbaptiste

Age 14, 9th grade at Utica Academy of Science

View bio Rory Jones

Rory Jones

Age 17, 12th grade at Holland Patent High School

View bio Layah Loftin

Layah Loftin

Age 15, 10th grade at Proctor High School in Utica

View bio Tiana Brown

Tiana Brown

Arts Educator and Owner of TG Custom Designs, LLC

View bio George Hendrickson

George Hendrickson

Artist and Studio Manager at Sculpture Space

View bio Joe Mandia

Joe Mandia

Owner of Stronghold Animation

View bio Ryan McGrogan

Ryan McGrogan

Graphic Designer, Owner of McGrogan Design

View bio Dave Mentus

Dave Mentus

Illustrator/Art Instructor

View bio Maria Vallese

Maria Vallese

Illustrator, Owner of Retro Sorrento

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