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Meet Kim - Our New Education Liaison

We are thrilled to announce that Kim Newton has joined our museum team as Education Liaison. Kim has years of experience and a strong passion for working with children and advancing educational opportunities. As we prepare to open the new Utica Children's Museum this year, Kim is working diligently to create educational opportunities catering to all of the kids we engage with, both at the museum and throughout the community!


Tell us about yourself!

I live in Whitesboro, New York. I attended school in the Whitesboro Central School District. My undergraduate degree is from Utica College of Syracuse University (now Utica University). I also received a Masters Degree in Reading from SUNY Cortland. I also attended SUNY Cortland for my School Administrator and Supervisor Certification. 

During my career in education, I worked as a Teacher Assistant in the New Hartford Central School District for my first two years. Later, I worked as a Reading Specialist for the Whitesboro Central School District for ten years. After that, I got hired as the elementary principal at Sauquoit Valley Elementary School and served in that position for seven years. I then became an Elementary Principal in the Whitesboro Central School District and served there for eleven years before I retired. I feel very fortunate to have enjoyed my work in Education for 30 years!

I reside in Whitesboro with my husband, Chris. We have three grown daughters, Kristen, Brittany and Alexandria. Both Kristen and Brittany are married, and each has two children. We are very fortunate to have four beautiful grandchildren: Nicole, Johnny, Michael, and Julia.

Could you tell us about your role as UCM's education liaison? 

I will establish relationships with Schools and Community organizations as the Education Liaison. I will also be helping to support the programs that the Museum offers to our community. In addition, I work closely with the Education Manager and the Museum's Director to ensure the Museum continues to provide engaging and exciting experiences for children and their families. I look forward to attending special events that the museum will offer and engaging with the families that attend. I am excited to be a member of the Utica Children Museum's team and to work collaboratively with its members. I am willing and motivated to do whatever it takes to support the Museum's success.

What are three words to describe your personality?

Responsible, Motivated, Kind 

Tell us your favorite ways to play as a child: 

I enjoyed imaginative play as a child. For example, playing "house." I also enjoyed physical activities such as bike riding, roller skating, and playing on the nearest playground swingset.

Which children's book or story is your favorite and why?

It is very difficult for me to choose one book or story as my favorite. However, one of my favorites is Charlie the Caterpillar, written by Dom DeLuise. This is one of my favorites because the story's plot emphasizes the meaning of true friendships. The illustrations are colorful and engaging for children. In addition, it includes some repetitive text, which allows children to participate while it is being read aloud.

What color is your favorite? 

If I had to choose a color as my favorite, it would be red.

What new ideas do you have for collaborating with schools and community groups to develop interactive educational programs engaging children and families?

I have many ideas! Firstly, I aim to cultivate relationships with local educators, administrators, caregivers, and parents to share information about the Museum's benefits for children's growth and development. Moreover, I'm excited about creating memorable play experiences through our Mobile Museum that will encourage children to share what they learn with their families. Finally, I plan to form partnerships with local institutions such as libraries, community centers, and others with similar facilities to provide visiting families with the same opportunities.

Tell us about your earliest memory of visiting the Utica Children's Museum: 

I remember bringing my daughters and their cousins to the Children's Museum. I also remember hosting my daughter's birthday parties at the Museum. My daughters are now in their mid to late thirties, and some of the best memories from their childhood will remain with them.

What superpower would you like to have if you were a superhero?

If I were a superhero, I would like to have the power to change negative and evil intentions into peaceful and kind encounters